Sunday, February 26, 2006


These little crocuses have been in the south-facing flower bed for over 25 years now. I remember planting them there hurriedly one fall afternoon because I didn't have any other place for them. So, I just stuck them in the ground with the promise that I would move them the next fall to a well-prepared bed with lots of other annuals.

Two and a half decades later and still in the same place after having been up-rooted various times, these loyal, delicate, precious harbingers of spring herald the coming of warmer weather.

My calendar tells me that Spring officially arrives on Monday, March 20--three weeks from tomorrow. In the Pagan tradition, the Spring Equinox rejoices in the rebirth of spring-- a time when the light returns and begins to surpass the time we spend in darkness each day--a time to contemplate growth and new beginnings....

I'm inspired by the crocuses to sharpen my pruning shears, get the roses and grapes clipped back, turn the compost, get the farm equipment in running order, and dig in the dirt. I'm a double Virgo; both my sun and moon signs are Virgo, and for those of us with that astrological placement, there's nothing better than getting our hands in the Earth! I'm looking forward to bare foot gardening and dirty fingernails!

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