Sunday, July 31, 2011


 After 11+ years of waiting, one of the dozen nut trees planted on The Farm has finally produced NUTS !!  I hadn't noticed them at all until the other day when I was mowing. Literally (honestly), one of them boinked me on the noggin' while I was zooming around the far side yard on the tractor.  I felt the contact, that's for sure!

These trees were started by Dr. David Johnson of Coolville, OH, from seed.  David, an avid nut grower for decades now, has one of the largest collections of nut tree starts in the country.  A former president of the American Nut Growers Association, his passion is now coming to fruition.  His starts are producing nuts!!

At the same time this tree was planted, my ex-husband and I also put two pecans in the other side yard, as well as about 6 butternuts, walnuts and pecans down in the bottom pasture.  The trees below the barn have had to battle deer munchies, lack of water, and poor soil, but they continue to grow a little year after year. 

The trees over near Sherwood Forest (our pine tree grove where the treehouse is) are huge, but there's no sign of nuts.  Perhaps this first year's bearing by Side Yard Tree #2 is a good omen for next year.  (I have noticed blossoms on the other trees, just no nuts.)

Anyways, I'm delighted the patient wait has not been for naught.  I can already taste the black walnuts in my apple bread at Christmas.....Yummy.
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