Sunday, July 31, 2011


Mac and I just got in from a wonderful morning walk to the woods at the back of the field.  It's a quiet Sunday morning, not too humid nor hot (thank goodness!).  Mac LOVES to bounce down the path in search of things to chase and explore.  It makes no difference to him that I've mowed a path for us to follow so we can avoid getting covered with ticks.  He just takes off wherever his nose and heart lead.  I always know his whereabouts by the movement of the tall weeds and hay as he charts his path off my conveniently cut route.  I often wonder what he sees from his low-rider vantage point.  When he emerges, he's got that sweet Mackers smile on his face, as if he's discovered a new imaginary world in the underbrush.  Meanwhile, I venture to the side of the field along the path and take pictures of lichen.
On the other side of the field, the red-tailed hawk family is out for a morning lesson in flight.  While Mrs. Hawk and her recent fledgling practice aerials over the cow pasture, Dad Hawk keeps a vigilant eye.  This is one of those times I sure wish I had a special telephoto lens for my small point and shoot Canon, for I could have gotten some amazing pictures and National Geographic-type footage of these majestic birds' acrobatics.  For now, I'll post the silhouette of Dad Hawk.

I love Queen Anne's Lace.  I don't ever feel like a get a really good photo of its delicate bloom.  Today as I looked at them, I remembered our Girl Scout Troop learning about their carrot-type roots.  I even pickled some one summer, and they are really quite tasty, and yes, the roots do taste like carrots. 

Every time I look at the Rose of Sharon, I hear Eliza Gilkyson's voice in my mind. It has to be related to the hibiscus family. This bush is a transplant from a sprout I moved one summer, knowing that the "mother" plant was going to have to make room for a flower bed.  Happily, the sprout took hold, and the new bush surpasses the old in size and beauty.

Yep, the tomatoes are coming in, and boy, are they tasty.  When I saw a woman buying those styrofoam-consistency ones at the grocery store the other day, I actually felt sorry for her.  I've eaten tomatoes for breakfast, lunch, and supper all week.  Not tired of them yet.....probably won't ever get tired of them.  Tonight I'll make up some spaghetti sauce from the garden peppers, squash, onions, and tomatoes and can it up for later use.  Yummy!

Later today, I'll drive to Fairmont, WV, to meet a possible sister for Mac.  Her name's Penny Lane, and I have to go through the adoption process for her to come live with us.  Today is step one, and hopefully, after I meet her, we can expedite her arrival.....Stay tuned.....


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