Saturday, July 23, 2011


As one comes down the driveway and circles around the house, The Farm Barn looks to be in rather good shape.  Yes, there are a few missing boards, but the paint has held relatively well, and there aren't gaping holes in either the siding or the roofing. Obviously, the front doesn't receive the fury of winter winds and violent summer thunderstorms.

From the backside, however, there's a different story to, and age have taken their toll.  If the back view were the one I looked at every day off the deck, I think I would have acted long before now to make a decision as to what's the best move for the barn. Obviously, I can no longer deny that "yep, we've gotta problem."

Here's the plan.  Although the collapse is serious, it's happening in a way that will facilitate its teardown since it's coming down in sections.  And once we get the addition that's crumbling away taken care of, I do believe there is a possibility that re-siding the back southwest to northeast corner is the repair that's needed to keep the barn stable and intact. 

Neighbors have told me the barn was the "gym" for the schoolhouse that once stood across the end of the driveway.  I understand basketball games took place in my barn, and indeed, one can see the remnants of the hoops on the raters.  Others have told me the Farm Barn is one of the oldest in the county.  It's an amazing structure, sided by 130+-year old red oak.  That idea, in and of itself, is enough to make me think this barn's worth saving IF I can.. 

I need to win the lottery.  A teacher's salary is not such that one can accumulate savings year after year that amount to the money necessary to maintain a barn of this size.

SOOOO, if anyone's getting an intuition for the winning numbers on the next mult-million dollar PowerBall, I'd appreciate a head's up.  I promise to share the wealth in all sorts of directions.  I wouldn 't be asking for much.....just enough to ensure that the barn doesn't fall totally apart. 

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Teena Lurlene said...

Given the history...might there be any historic "preservation" funds sleeping in the coffers of your county? It is a wonderful structure. I will ask our friend Brian if he knows of any type of resources for you...and I will pray that winds blow...from the other side.