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If I could bundle the energy generated by the three buddies pictured above, I do believe I could heat the farmhouse comfortably on the coldest days of winter for many a year!  Pictured left to right are Oberon Veladota, Spunky A. (Alpha) McLovin Wilder, and Paco Davis, best friends and the official farm canine unit. All youngsters (Oberon, the oldest, just turned a year old), their play provides a level of hiliarity and lightness to The Farm at a time of bittersweetness as Joe and Paco prepare to move to Oregon.

Oberon, the Aussie, is a canine gazelle...overflowing with limitless energy, grace, agility, intelligence and sweetness.  Sometimes referred to by Christy as "full of bananas," his love of affection and engagement often overtakes him as he jumps to meet his people friends on eye level.  His facial expressions reflect a keen intelligence and understanding of his (and our) world.  The star of his agility class, Oberon teaches us humans about loyalty and love, while mentoring Mac and Paco in their attempts at clicker training. (An aside: Paco and Mac are catching on to the clicker; however, Mac thinks the "down" command's useless for him since he's so close to the ground anyway.)

Mackers, the corgi and the youngest of the three, thinks Oberon's the "bees knees!"  Since both of them are herders, one notes similarities in their behavior and instincts. When Oberon's around, Mac follows him like the nerdy little sibling who thinks older kids are really, really cool and who wants to be just like them.  His short-legged structure allows him to run under and around a very patient Oberon, and boy, oh boy, does Mackers try to keep the pace as Oberon races across the yard!  After about three trips around the grapevines, down the hill, back up into the yard, around the grapevines again, up toward the field, down to the grapevines for a third time, etc., Mac's ready to concede that he can't keep up, so he waits to crouch and pounce when Oberon runs by. If being "alpha" means barking the most and causing the most uproar, Mac's gets the certificate of honor.

Paco, mister majestic bassett hound, and Oberon have grown up as brothers and have spent lots of time together at The Farm and in Athens. Mac has never known life at The Farm without Paco. Paco and Oberon play so hard that when Paco comes home from a visit to O's house, he lies virtually comatose on the couch for 24 hours. Paco and Mac are into silly play 24/7 around The Farm. Their chase games provide great evening doggie-watching for Joe and me as we ice our knees from the deck or try to listen to music as the two youngsters run around and around and around the sofa in the TV room.  Although Paco's face might give the impression of a laid-back, slow-moving hound, both Oberon and Mac can attest to this bassett's speed and strength.  Paco's fast, and he's strong, like a lineman on a football team. When all else fails to subdue a pesky corgi, Paco just throws Mac a butt block and then sits on him or sticks Mac's entire head in his mouth.

Put the three (or any combination of the three) together, and expect chaos....laughable chaos....energetic chaos....loving chaos....noisy, rambunctious chaos....chaos probably not humorous for those who aren't dog lovers...And, beyond the chaos, expect entertainment and delight, for these three friends with their silly antics are amazing creatures to observe and love....

Paco and Oberon - BFF's from puppyhood!  Paco and Mac - Farm brothers.  Mac, Paco and Oberon and craziness to reckon with!

The Three Farm Musketeers....our goofball pack!

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