Sunday, February 15, 2009


February 15, 2009


1. Happy Birthday, Chintu !! You missed a Valentine birthday by less than 24 hours, but that's OK because it gives us all another day to contemplate love, especially our love for you.

2. I'm in awe of the beautiful mountains here in NC. I notice my breath is long and deep.

3. I'm going to have lunch at Black Bear Books with Samuel. He's working, and I'm going to grade a stack of papers at the bookstore so I can be with him for the afternoon.

4. Post grading, I'll ride over to Pigeon Roost to see my beloved Grandma Ruth and walk around the land for a while. I'll visit with Papa down at his resting place and fill him in on life in the physical world and hope he'll fill me in on the world of spirit. Maybe I'll "red up" the cemetary a bit.

5. I'm going to start my first attempt at knitting socks. I've found a pattern labelled "easy, easy sock pattern, " and I'm hoping to find following it and pumping out some socks a relaxing, fast, rewarding knit. If not, I'll stick to scarves.

6. I'm going to cook some good ole' collard greens for supper. Mom and I will indulge, and we'll save a huge plate for Sammy.

7. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a superior rating for Miss Eliza, as her Winter Color Guard group has an important competition in Dayton, OH.

8. I hope to talk to my dear friends, Potter Joe, Laida, Tania, and Brian. They're a good physical distance away, but as close as one can be in my heart.

9. I'll wear the same clothes I have for the last two days and love the fact that they're stretched out and comfy.

10. I'm consumed with gratitude for this day and my many blessings.

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Kristy Vernon said...

I bet you'll be able to knit the socks without a problem! I have a book called "2-at-a-time Socks" which looks really neat and you do it on 2 circulars. I love to knit too! I don't have any knitting on my blog yet but I'm working on some mittens that I'll include. Best of luck on your socks!