Saturday, February 07, 2009


As evidenced by his unruly moustache and dental challenges, Utah's been hard on the Farm Potter, so when he recently got wind of a job possibility back in the Mid-Ohio Valley, he jumped at the chance, and by crackies, the stars aligned such that Potter Joe's headed back to The Farm. The Marietta College Art Department made an offer, and it took not a second's passing for Joe to say "Yep, I'm headed back east, east to Ohio that is."

Check out Potter Joe's beautiful work below....If you google him, you'll see even more. (Search Joe Davis Pottery) And it won't be all that much longer until you'll be able to see it up close and personal, right here at The Farm and in galleries all over the state, nation, globe.

Welcome home, Joe!!


potterjose said...

OMG Tanya!!!! I look SOOOOOO good in that picture. Must be the cervesa!!!
Yep, well, its true. I'm comin' home. Looks like early to mid July will be the time. Party at the farm?? I'm really, really happy to be moving back to where I have goood, long time friends, and family. My dad is elated. Logan, Utah is beautiful, but oh-so-strange. I'll miss the mountains, but not the Mormons.

Look out Marietta. Here comes Jose. I lost the moustache, but still sport the teef every now and then.

i am very mary said...

Hooray Joe! So happy to hear it!