Tuesday, February 03, 2009


This type of thing circulates around Facebook and other sites a lot. I rarely participate since it reminds me of "chain" mail . (Anybody remember that fad from the past?) But, several people posted insightful "tags," and when I was home last week hunkered in from the snow, I decided to jump in and participate......

(NOTE: If I made one of these lists every day, it would be probably different each time.)

25 Random Things About Me

1. My children mean the world to me, and I hope they will always consider me a fun, fair, loving mom.
2. I am an INFP on the Myers Briggs scale, and that particular personality combo only pops up in 1% of the population. Explains why I feel very different from most people I meet, why I'm guided by my intuition, why I do things my own way, and why I'm pretty solitary.
3. In addition to the above, I am a double Virgo. Those who know me know I'm truly earthy and consider turning the compost one of the most exciting chores around The Farm. I love to have my hands in the dirt and work on the land.
4. I love living with lots of animals, except when they pee in the house.
5. I love growing things, like orchids, amaryllises, and all sorts of flowers in the summer.
6. I love birdwatching more than Miss Jane Hathaway, and I love to knit as much as my mom.
7. I don't like hairs in my bath water.
8. I don't understand why people use strong, smelly, tacky perfumes and fruity-smelling hair products. YUK !!
9. I love art. I dabble around with making handmade paper on occasion, and I like to take photographs, particularly of people and flowers. Hanging out with artsy, talented people inspires me.
10. I feel very safe with a lot of books around me. Sometimes I don't read them all, but I always keep them close by.
11. I listen to a LOT of music...all sorts of music. Recently, I've been obsessively listening to a mixture of classical, reggae, and alternative.
12. I love being around people from other countries and cultures, and I love languages.
13. Although I consider myself a very spiritual person with a deep faith in a higher power, I am not given to a high level of tolerance of fundamentalism and dogmatic inflexibility.
14. I avoid arrogant people and greatlly, greatly prefer to hang out with "salt of the earth" folks.
15. I have an insatiable sweet tooth. I wish chocolate and ice cream had the nutritional value and caloric level of artichokes, celery, and carrots.
16. I would love to be really, really wealthy...so much so that I could have a house in New Mexico, Hawaii, the mountains of NC, at the beach (preferably in a peaceful, transitioned Cuba), Spain, and Bali.
17. Although I do not condone substance abuse on any level, I would support the legalization of cannibus sativa for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that is makes beautiful paper. The Declaration of Independence is written on cannibus paper.
18. Although I would probably be much better off financially if I had chosen another career, I can't imagine doing anything else but teaching. I find adults abysmally boring and uptight: I really love the vitality and energy of my students. I am refreshed by working in an environment where I facilitate learning and communication in another language.
19. I bowled a high score of 11 one time.
20. If I could change one thing about me, I'd want to have a beautiful singing voice.
21. I would love to know Michelle and Barack Obama well.
22. I want to swim with the dolphins and hang glide off a high, high mountain.
23. Inspecteur Jacques Clousseau and Ed Grimley are my heroes.
24. I think Peace Studies and Human Rights Studies should be a required component of every student's curriculum in all grades. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights should hang on the wall in everyone's home.
25. I love to laugh, I love to give and receive love, and I really love my life!

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