Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Beware!! By all accounts and behaviours observed by yours truly over the past 24 hours, evidence points to a powerful arrival of the Winter Funk! Everything from our circadian rhythms to our melatonin and seratonin levels to our hormonal imbalances are bouncing all over the chart, and that spells DISASTER on a lot of levels, particularly in the arena of interpersonal relationships.

Over 25 years of journal entries confirm that it's that blah time of year when we all run a fairly strong current of malaise, depression, and/or irritability! According to my records and alas, I must confess, personal experience, it's "out of kilter" time, and this year, the blahs, depressions, sadnesses, disconnects, sensitivities and general yuks could have the potential to be really potent and butt-kicking.

Advice from The Farm, for what it's worth....

Be like the bear.....Gather up a good stock of carbs, 25 lbs. of chocolate, some chessy books, an I-Pod, and knitting projects, and retreat to your cave. Take a long winter's nap. Avoid contact with all other haywired humans and keep closely in touch with the animals and birds. (They seem to have this winter stuff under control.) Resurface only when wait there's more light than darkness in the day, the temps are warm enough to be tolerated in just a sweater, and the daffodils are well on their way to bloom. As a last resort, take drugs.

Happy zzzzzzz's ! See ya in April or May!

(Post disclaimer: This post is not written with any single person / group in mind. Everybody's funky now! )


i am very mary said...

Another indicator: When I read your blog and I feel that your posts are directed specifically at me - that I'm too grumpy and should have avoided the work thing and shouldn't wear perfume. Sigh. Sensitivity is definitely a symptom.

Brett said...

Oh no!

It was near 60 and sunny in Sofia today. :)

And the latest: we're thinking of adopting a cat until it can find an owner. Of course, that's what we did with O and F too. Hmmm...

Betsy said...

What a great post. I just love reading your blog. I just finished writing a column for my home town paper about how I survive when the mid-winter blues hit the homesickness blues. I've been ruminating, so it's fun to read a friend's ruminations on the same topic. I realize I should comment separately on that post, but I also have to say I cracked up reading your profile of Hendrix. Hilarious. Hugs to the farm from Bulgaria!

Cris Melo, of MeloEarth.com said...

Hey, thanks for validating all of my senses and feelings! And all of the drama I cause when darn Winter comes around. This post rules.

I wish I could do what you say but people won't leave me alone. They say I must keep going. I know they are wrong, and why do they bother me so? Do I need to put on a bear coat and dig up a trench in the woodsy area in the back of my house to get to do what you advise?


I'm not kidding. I'm not designed for Winter.