Sunday, June 01, 2008


It's peony time here at The Farm, and it's a banner year for these majestic flowers. Last evening, I cut a bouquet and brought them in for the dining room table centerpiece, and this morning, they've filled out spectacularly.

Although many, many people talk about the sweet scent of the peonies, I, who pridesmyself with having a KEEN sense of smell, can never smell these flowers. I don't know why my olfactory sensors never pick up on peonies, but I don't smell a thing with them in the house.

I'm waiting for the deep, deep magenta bush to open, and once it does, I'll post a shot of it as well.

Also, there's more farm news to report since we have two new cats here (making a total of 8 felines). Brett's cats survived a 16 hour airplane ride from California and arrived at The Farm in the wee hours Saturday morning. We welcome Oscar and Felix to their new home. I'll post a few photos if they ever get up the courage to come out from under the couch long enough to pose.

Off to head outside....It's another glorious morning!!

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i am very mary said...

Many happy returns to Oscar and Felix! Warning: Loonis rules the roost fellas, and don't you forget it!