Friday, June 20, 2008


This morning I was working on transcribing Daddy's letters onto the computer, and it's most timely, considering what I wrote yesterday, that today I came across this...

"...One thing I always enjoyed having was a pet crow. The last one I had came from Maryville, Tenn. It fell out of the nest, and my cousin found it and gave it to me. Several years back, Uncle Monroe Shook raised a pet crow which carried off everything it could carry in its beak. Uncle Monroe left his glasses on the front porch not thinking about the crow, when some of the family saw the crow flying off the barn with them in his beak.. They said it looked like the crow was wearing them the way it was flying. It flew to the barn. When one of the girls sent to search for the glasses, she found a hat-full of shining objects where the crow had carried in. A knife, spoon, and a fork was among part of the findings. Also glass, nails, pieces of wire and a wrench which Uncle Monroe thought he had lost. Someone killed the crow not thinking it belonged to Uncle Monroe. I have had a lot of enjoyable days hunting crows. I guess I have shot a thousand or more the past few years. I enjoy calling them in with a mouth call. This morning a crow came to my feeder and carried a slice of bread off while I was standing near the feeder. They watch me from a distance and know exactly when to come and carry off whatever I have left for them to eat...."

Written in a letter from Papa to Samuel, May, 1986
(I transcribe his letters exactly as he has written them, making only a few changes in spelling.)

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