Thursday, June 12, 2008


Despite the fact those of us you see in the photo had our heads squashed between headsets or our eyes crossed reading composition after composition for 8 hours every day at the AP Reading in Spanish in Louisville, KY for the past week, we managed (with very little effort, really) to have an absolutely GREAT time.

Here's the secret to our fun---We hung out "a lo cubano!"...Despite the incredibly poignant and tragic story each one has to tell about leaving his / her beloved tropical paradise, these folks know how to live life to the fullest and laugh and dance and tell jokes and love / respect each other deeply.

Let's see...we ate in a Cuban restaurant twice....we sang and danced at the Cuban restaurant for most of both evenings...we went to Churchill Downs twice, the last time thinking we would watch history in the making if Big Brown won the Triple Crown...(he came in last, much to our chagrin, especially since we all had purchased Big Brown memorabilia just in case he made history) and, we even went to the Louisville Slugger Museum (surprisingly interesing) and the KY Arts & Craft Guild (quite nice).

Here's our parting group shot, taken just a few minutes before we all went our separate ways...OH! rumor has it that Ileana will celebrate her 50th birthday in March...The cubanos adoptivos might just have to go to Houston to help her celebrate!

Photo - Front Row---Yoli (Venezuela), Inés (Cuba) - - -Back Row --- Ignacio (Cuba), Ileana (Cuba), Ysidoro (Cuba), Tanyita y Ricardito (Cubanos adoptivos)

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i am very mary said...

You might actually pass for a cubano, but Richard? Wow, he's such a white guy! lol! (I fell your pain, Richard, I feel your pain!)