Sunday, April 13, 2008


From the time Samuel was about a month old until three or so years after Eliza was born ( a span of 9 years), Papa wrote letters, first to Samuel and then to both children, about his life, his memories, his thoughts, etc. All in all, I think we have nine volumes, and I'm in the process of transcribing them into electronic form so I can run off some copies for family members and friends. With the exception of sticking in a comma or two, capitalizing some names, and other minor changes, I'm leaving the manuscript just as Daddy wrote it as he sat at the kitchen table and typed away on his old manual Corona typewriter.

I'm not very far into the first volume, but already, I've laughed out loud as I've read along and typed myself. It's been a great way to feel him close to me and hear his voice as if he were telling me the mishaps and adventures out loud. I can hear his chuckle and see his ornery grin as I read about squirrels, fencing, hogs, and life back in the mountains. There will be war memories to come in the subsequent volumes, as well as Papa's thoughts on life.

I am totally absorbed in this so, so special gift Papa left for us.

Papa's beloved mountains


I AM VERY MARY said...

What a marvelous, marvelous gift.

AthensRomantic said...

Man, what a great legacy those two childrens have! And what a great picture of those mountains...
Love you, Tom and Chintu