Saturday, April 19, 2008


Yesterday, I was checking Blogs of Note and found the blog of a former student who's been employed by Google for the last five years and who's now off on his next life adventure. Eric Case's blog connected me to Chuck Eesley's blog and Chuck's blog connected me to my beloved Meera's blog. I'm in 7th heaven!

I taught each of these amazing young people at Marietta High School for at least 3 - 4 years. Eric traveled to Spain with me on a tour we did in 1996, went to Miami University (Ohio), majored in the Classics and has trekked all over the world before ultimately landing at Google. Meera and Chuck were students in my Spanish IV class, perhaps the most memorable class I ever taught while at Marietta High. I joke when I say I "graduated" with them, for it was in the summer of 1998 that I was offered a position at the community college where I now teach. That graduating class, along with the class of 1986 (Bobbi, Joe, Craig's class), has produced some stellar and adventuresome artists and scholars--many, many amazing individuals!

Meera went to Berkeley after graduating, and Chuck attended Duke. Both have lived very fulfilling and enriching lives since--Meera spent two years in Uganda in the Peace Corps, and Chuck has been involved in cutting edge research at Duke and participated in meditation retreats all over the country. Now, Meera's back in graduate school at Berkeley working on an MBA in Non-Profit Management (I think), and Chuck's currently living in Cambridge as a Ph.D. student at MIT's Sloan School of Management studying technological innovation and entrepreneurship.

WOW! I hope the blog connection will further re-connect us and keep us up to date on one another's lives. The great joy for me, as I forever hold down the fort here at The Farm, is that they'll continue to check in with me whenever they come back to Marietta, for they will always be a hugely important part of my life.

Since I posted this earlier, I got an email from Chuck who also recommended another classmate's blog. Michael Sieburg, also a member of the famous Spanish V class members has also traveled all over the world and lived in Vietnam. I'm delighted to be able to add his blog here.

Hola to you all from the SeƱora! I am so honored to have taught you guys and all your peers!


Chuck Eesley said...

Hi Senora! You should check out Mike Sieburg's blog as well at:

My PhD will actually be in the business school at MIT, focusing on high tech entrepreneurship. Though I did start the MIT Neurotech Club so am still connected to neuroscience somewhat.

I AM VERY MARY said...

How fun! I look forward to the days when I have students who have "grown up" and become remarkable adults. Bravo to you, T!

Anonymous said...


I was out with Mike Sieburg in Brooklyn last night, and he mentioned your blog. So, of course, I had to find it this morning. It's great to see that things are going well for you, and I love the fact that the Big Lebowski is one of your favorite movies. The one thing that really stands out is how grown up Samuel and Eliza are. I remember them as little kids running around on “The Farm.” Time really flies. Our 10 year reunion is on August 29th!!

Really enjoyed your blog,

Class of ‘98