Thursday, October 25, 2007


This week's rainfall, although still very sparse for this time of year, has been a veritable lifesaver for my yellow datura plants that have tried to bloom since late June. Honestly, I had given up on them and came quite close to pulling them up a couple of weeks ago when it seemed like there was no way they could muster up the stamina to survive the continued heat, much less produce a bloom. Now I'm really glad I didn't pull cast them to the compost pile.

The blooms are a littly puny (probably due to the drought) in comparison to the white daturas. They're more spiked around the edges like wild datura, and their color is a soft, pastel yellow. I'm hoping these blooms will leave me a pod or two so I can gather some seeds and start thinking about new year's plants.
Here are the photos....

And, I just threw in a shot of the sassafras tree along the fence line. The sun reflecting off its leaves this afternoon was BRILLIANT!



Unknown said...

hi Tanya, Do you know where you found or bought the yellow datura seeds ? I am looking for single flowered yellow datura, and can only find yellow daturas with double or triple flowers !

Unknown said...

hi Tanya, do you remember where you got the single yellow datura seeds, or do you have any left from your plants ? I can only find double or triple flowered yellow datura these days !
All the best,