Thursday, October 11, 2007


A cold front blew in night before last, and the 90-ish temperatures from the beginning of the week have taken a plunge into more season-like ranges, the low 40's at night and mid-50's during the day. I brought my orchids in this evening so they wouldn't have to withstand a cold night. There are more than a dozen or so other potted wonders to bring in with time, but I got cold while I was out and decided to wait on the other ones.

It's interesting this fall. First of all, everyone's talking about the heat and lack of rain. The trees are beginning to turn, but I don't anticipate vivid colors this year. As it would appear, the leaves are just going to turn brown and fall off. There is little color in the side yard maple leaves, and on my walk the other day, I noticed even the poplar and sycamore leaves were not the brilliant yellow one normally sees at this time of year. My old friend of many years ago, Mr. Henry Miller, would have had some words of wisdom about these weird weather days, I'm sure. He talked about climate changes and global warming long before the topic became so up front.

In other farm news, I spent a good bit of time last evening on the internet in search of ideas for my Halloween costume this year, and I think I've got a good one! In fact, I can pull it off with an appropriate mask (which I found) and a couple of trips to Goodwill. I'm stoked! Two years ago, my aging Elvis costume won a prize at Beth and Sherm's party, and I hope to be in the running this year. I'm not giving ANY clues. My few blog readers will just have to wait for a photo. Of course, for the children at the college day care, I'll be a witch....a nice witch, as always.

My internet surfing last night also landed some great sites for Christmas gifts. All I'm going to say is that when Mary Ann saw them in the office today, she laughed big time. In fact, I think we're going in together on a couple for some of our campus celebrities. I love funny, corny gifts, and I think I've scored!

Tomorrow's Friday, thank goodness!! I'm so looking forward to a couple of days at home.

I apologize for yet another lame post....There's just not a lot in the super exciting category happening around The Farm these days....

Love and thanks to all who read my ramblings.....T.

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Mary Ann said...

I'm also missing the beautiful fall foliage. Each year I send a box of vibrant leaves to a friend in Arizona, and I'm worried that she may not get a very exciting box this year...