Monday, October 01, 2007


...and I'm feeling somewhat at a loss. At this very moment, the sun is in perfect position from the west to photograph some great fall flower shots in the yard and down by the garden.

I realized some time back my camera seemed a bit frail. After all, it's two years old, has taken 1,000's of shots, has been dropped several times, and has been transported all over the world in a lousy, non-cushioned camera case. And, quite frankly, I've been thinking of upgrading so I can reproduce larger photos nicely.

So, I just ordered a new camera, an 8 megapixel Canon PowerShot A680. I like Canons, and I don't think the learning curve with this one will be too much of a challenge. I feel like I need another camera's worth of experience before I really take the plunge for a fine, professional-type, top-of-the line, spend-more-money-than-I-have -now camera.

It should be here in the next couple days, so I'm forward to shooting zillions of photos this coming weekend.


PS: Apologies to my readers, whoever you are / wherever you are...This is a totally boring post... I'm just sitting at the computer and thinking about customizing my blog, but I'm chicken to go ahead and do so because I have no idea what I'm getting in to or what the consequences of my lack of expertise could produce...Mary Ann, I need help!

And, does anyone know how to post slideshows on a blog? Do I have to have Picasa, Flickr, or something similar?

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Mary Ann said...

Well, I don't know about the slideshow, but I do know I'm totally up for coming out this weekend and helping with the customization. However, I do really like this swanky new design!