Sunday, July 02, 2006

JULY 2006

It's a warm, breezy Sunday morning, and all signs would point to a scorcher of a day. There's a strong feeling of thunderstorms in the heat and breeze, so I wouldn't be surprised to hear some drummers in the sky later on today. When Samuel and Eliza were small and a little intimidated by the thunder, I'd tell them it was just the sky people pulling out their drums. Sometimes we'd pull out our drums and answer the thunder. What a sweet memory....

This month's Llewellyn Witches' Calendar notes speaks of how the vibration of the natural world is full of "sparkling, combustible power." Around the farm, the energy of dive-bombing hummingbirds, lazing dogs and cats, glorious flowers, a flourishing garden, and hay-covered fields is full and fertile. On a pesty note, the Japanese beetles made their first appearance this past week. Funny how they time their arrival when the plants are most luscious.I always notice them in pairs, enjoying a piggy-back ride...Hmmmmm...Wonder what they're doing??? Two beetle bags now hang from trees in the yard, just in case my suspicion is right on and the population begins to increase quantomly. Those suckers can munch through the grapevines in a matter of a few hours!

I welcomed in the new month by going down to the historic Blennerhasset Hotel and dancing to the music of the Swinging Orangutangs. It felt great to move my body and to be surrounded by many folks dancing. I LOVE being in the middle of a dancing crowd...makes my heart light and brings big smiles to my face!

I hope all who read this are thriving and at to the outdoors..



(July calendar art: Jennifer Hewiston)

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