Monday, July 31, 2006


After arriving home from Boone yesterday afternoon, my final trip of the summer (YEAH!!! I'll be home for a while!), I began the dreaded preparation for the colonoscopy procedure that I passed with flying colors this morning. (no puns intended)

Yes, it's true--the preparation is far worse than the procedure. Even the frequent trips to the potty were much more bearable than having to drink that god-awful solution that sets the trips in motion. I chose orange for my GoLytely (a mis-nomer, I'm here to attest!) flavor, thinking it would add some sort of tolerable taste to the somewhat salty and nauseating concoction. That was wishful thinking!!! By the end of the third and 1/2 liter of the stuff, I was done! I could NOT bring myself to complete the entire gallon. In fact, the sight of the jug itself was in and of itself enough to bring about close calls of the barfing kind. (Never disclosed before fact about drinking the purgartive solution: My MD said this morning that drinking only half the solution is quite OK. Too bad I didn't know that earlier!!)

Anyway, it's all over, and I'm no worse for the wear....I do have to have a follow-up stress test since my heart rate dropped significantly during the anesthesia. I could have told them it always does, but I'll do the stress test for good measure...Anyway, I am thankful that my innards are polyp-free....Must be all the good eating I do!!

The trip to Boone was good. I read my 2nd and 3rd Miss Julia books, hung out with Samuel and Eliza, went to Mom's family reunion (it was bearable), and saw my beloved Grandma Ruth--the real highlight of my trip. She has been failing a bit, but she recognized me right off when she saw me, talked with me, and smiled when I told her how much I love her. Her dozens (literally) of hummingbirds whirled around the feeders outside, and the site of the mountains from her yard was breathtaking. I vote for Pigeon Roost as my favorite place on earth!

Now that I'm home and the heat's over 90 degrees, I'm inclined to take a couple of days to rest before the last push to get things done before classes start. That's a thought that I'll avoid for a couple more weeks. Until then, it's back to the outdoors with the flowers, the critters, and the land...the things I like best!

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