Friday, July 14, 2006


I absolutely love it when the farm family comes home. Dana and James just left this morning after spending two wonderful days here at The Farm with Eliza and me. And what a wonderful time together we had! - - - Thai food (prepared by James and Eliza)...good, long chats...a trip to the movies..time sharing photos...walks around the garden (when it wasn't "pourin' down the rain")...Most of all, time together!

Both Dana and James are immersed in the rigors of doctoral programs at The University of Nebraska in Lincoln. Despite the tremendous amount of time, work, dedication, and discipline that process requires, these two maintain a balance in their lives that includes having their hands in the Earth and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship. Keeping it together while both partners are in grad school is not an easy task, but Dana and James pull it off gracefully and thoughtfully of one another..Way to go, you two! My love and admiration for you both is HUGE!

When Dana and James are around, we talk a lot about teaching. I would absolutely LOVE to be a student in their classes. The teaching profession needs educators like Dana and James...highly intelligent, creative, dedicated, provocative, sincere, and caring instructors. Listening to them talk about their approach to teaching and their love of the process inspires me beyond words.

I'll have these two on my mind all day as I putz around the rain-soaked farm in the heat and humidity. It's too wet to mow, so perhaps I'll tackle a few weeds, mulch around the plants Dana and I set out, and read James's blog over and over again.....


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MariettaRomantic said...

It was great to get to see Dana and James again and to spend a short amount of time getting to know them a little better. They are amazing, as are you, Grace!