Wednesday, June 28, 2006


1. I had a nice dinner and wonderful visit with Beth Nash and Sherm Koons last evening out at their place. Their gardens are such an inspiration. Now I've got the bug to put in a new bed down by the barn and rework the garden plot below the barn. Sherm has always been my best teacher in terms of mulching and more mulching.

2. The rug I cleaned is still hanging on the back porch. Is there a thing as rug rot? Maybe this afternoon's sun will be strong enough to dry it out so I can get it in the house.

3. Movie recommendation: "Everything is Illuminated"...Starring Elijah Wood. Funny, poignant, artistically done. The grandfather in the movie who insists he's blind has a dog named Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. and drives an old beat up blue car. Well worth the watch!

4. Eliza's in Hawaii with her dad, and I'm a little envious....Not that I want to be in Hawaii with her dad, but I would like to be there with her. She'll get to see Lori and hang out a bit.

5. Dahlias, sunflowers, lilies, roses, nasturiums are in full bloom. The zinnias are about to open.

6. I have to go mow again....Peace.

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