Thursday, June 22, 2006


After an extended trip home from San Antonio, I'm finally back at the farm...Arrived yesterday and found the farm in wonderful shape, thanks to Tom J. and his love for this place...Had a nice evening visit with Tom J. and Tom S...Along with Cathy, another friend, we made sweet bundles for Solstice, walked to the back field and into the spiral in honor of the Goddess, and then as darkness approached, lit the Solstice fire. It was huge and beautiful, a reminder of the light and the fertility of the many blessings that fill my life.

Let's see...Since the last official farm update, several folks have stopped in. Dana and James came by for a brief visit while they were in town for Dana's mom's graduation. Both D. and J. are in really good spaces, having completed the course work for their doctoral degrees. It was sooo good to have them here, catch up on their lives, and hear about their adventures. They'll be back in July, and I'll post some photos of that visit. ~Meera has been home a couple of times. The last time she was here, she and Eliza spent some time twirling flags in the driveway. Her parents have moved from Marietta, so the Farm will be here for her Marietta home now. In the fall, she'll start at Berkeley in grad school. Uganda and her village there continues to vibrate in her heart, and in her last e-mail, she mentioned being in contact with a Ugandan woman who was doing some potentially exciting work in Uganda that was of interest to Meera. Can't wait to hear more! ~Brett's last visit was brief. It might be August before he's back. His move to California is just around the corner, but as I write this, he's hiking in Corsica before returning home for other exciting adventures for the rest of the summer. He and Betsy will be attending a conference together on the East Coast as well, I think. My heart just bubbles over with happiness when I think of those two! ~Eliza's headed to Hawaii for a couple of weeks with her father. My hope is that she'll be able to connect with Lori while there. Since she's at her dad's for this month, I talk with her daily on the phone. She's doing daily practices with the Warren High School color guard and becoming more and more graceful and adept at doing the flag routines and dancing.~ Samuel's in the last three weeks of his internship at the winery. I don't think the work there has been as exotic as he had expected, but he's learned a heck of a lot about winemaking,bottling and corking, the marketing process, wine tasting, and mountain biking (his new passion). More than ever, I've had the "empty nest syndrome" with Samuel gone for the summer. Can't wait to get to Boone to see him! ~Bobbi and Isabella were home for Memorial Day. Bobbi's more beautiful than ever in every way, and little Isabella is a child whose eyes reflect wisdom and keen insight. Eliza and I will see them in a few weeks when we go to Philadelphia for a visit. ~ Joe came to the Farm while Bobbi was here. We got an extended visit because he got really sick while he was here. I was glad I could make his tea and fix him some soup because the lack of sleep, work, and stress of the last quarter at OU had really exhausted him. The good news is that he's back in good shape, enjoying the summer wtih Elissa (who just sent photos of her amazing art work), and coming to Marietta from time to time to go out on the boat with his dad. ~Lori's still on Maui, nannying and living the aloha life. No more needs to be said there since I flush green with envy (totally positive envy) when I close my eyes and see her having her morning fresh fruit out on the beach.~ Tom J. and I got the tiller from the shop yesterday, and we're finally ready to get to the garden. It will definitely be a late garden, but the fresh broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, onions, and kale we're enjoying at the moment is more than enough inspiration to get it together. I'll try to chronicle some of our "Will and Grace" episodes as we begin the garden adventure.

Other than acclimating back to life in the Mid-Ohio Valley and still thinking completely in Spanish, I'm getting ready to settle into a very relaxed and mellow summer space. There are many farm chores that await, but I actually look forward to getting more things done around here. Think of me as I continue to battle the weeds, work in my flowers, and get ready to make some paper. I'm at total peace when I'm here at the farm just putzing around.

My love to all is HUGE...May the energy of the Solstice embrace you each with good health, happiness, love, and an abundance of all things good in your lives.



MariettaRomantic said...
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MariettaRomantic said...

Last night around the table, preparing our solstice bundles and then later around the fire were both new experiences for me, but precious experiences. It seems any time I spend at the farm, and especially with "Grace" always good, relaxing, and productive. After my primal scream at the end of the evening, however, my throat has been veeeery scratchy all day. Still, even that was a new and good experience for me, and one I just had to do...strange me.