Sunday, February 23, 2014


It's that monochromatic time of the year. Lots of gray, brown, white, non-vibrant blue-gray.  There are moments when I long for splashes of color when I step outside, but there is beauty in its absence during these winter months. 
So here's the barn during the last snowstorm. The structure has a wonderful history...a wonderful incredibly useful purpose here at The Farm. It has weathered the years of wind, rain, heat and frigid temps gracefully. Taking direct hits from storms that move in from the west, the ole' girl has stood proudly for over a hundred years. I believe she's one of the oldest, largest barns in the area, and I'd sure give her a makeover in a heartbeat if lottery winnings came my way. 
Fog settles on the river frequently; however the morning I took this picture, it hung particularly dense and heavy under the bridge between Marietta and Williamstown.  At one  point, I couldn't discern where the bridge ended and land began.  Perspective and distance were rather redefined, and the fog perfectly held the image of the bridge above it.
The Buddha has many faces, and I love that wherever I encounter him, he's wearing his "half-smile." The dude's never in a grouchy mood, and there's a great deal to be said about that - -a consistent reminder to evaluate what's really serious in life.  I find when I do, I eliminate a lot of needless angst while gaining perspective on joy and happiness, despite problematic moments.  This Buddha was sitting on the floor in a local antique store, pretty much out of view. He watched a lot of feet pass by, and still, he smiled his Buddha smile.

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Beth DIxon Layton said...

Three beautiful images-- each distinct but all similar in the serenity they evoke.