Monday, February 03, 2014


Snow days were never a problem at our house. When the kids were at home more than likely, either their dad or I would be at home along with them.  So, my immediate association of having a day away from work is one of fun times:  cooking a pot of soup, sledding, walking in the fields, playing board games or putting a puzzle together. Just like when I was a kid.
Even though I'm at the farm by myself these days, I still enjoy the silence and peace of snow days.  This morning the corgis and I walked the back field in 7" of virgin snow.  I worked up a good sweat under my layers while they panted and plowed a path ahead of me.  Mac, in particular, gets really frisky as he bounces through the powdery blanket of cold stuff that's as high as his shoulders, and MerryBelle loves to turn her head to the sky and catch snowflakes as they fall - much like I remember doing as a child. A lone robin accompanied us part of the way, hopping from bush to bush along the fence line.  I'm sure her delight with this touch of winter was much less that that of the corgis' and mine. I sensed a tone of complaint rather than joy in her song - understandably so.

Once back from the woods, the adventurer in me had to check out the road situation.  Actually, what I really wanted to do was see if the Subaru would make it to the end of the driveway in the deep snow.  Sure enough, it did, and I drove into the gas station to fill up .My mobility might be compromised, however, if the wind picks up and brings about some drifts!
I also find that snow days allow me to feel free to play as if I had nothing else to do.  This afternoon, I've pulled out my colored pencils and paper stash and made a little book.  I've added a few inches to Eliza's sweater, and soon, I'll cook up something good.  From my desk, I can look out and watch the birds at the feeder, and they always bring me great joy. Music has filled the house all day, just as it does in the summer when I'm home during the day.  Boredom isn't a problem, that's for sure!  If anything, I have a hard time deciding in which direction to focus my play!
Most of all, snow days always bring up memories of my childhood in Boone - days during which I would spend time on a sled racing down a hill or playing with Richard next door. I remember skiing at my cousins' house one winter, and I can taste the hot chocolate (made from scratch) Mom always had ready for us once we came in.  I miss Boone in the winter maybe more than the summer: frosted trees and snow-covered mountains tower there in the winter in every direction - awesome spectacles!

As the sun has come out this afternoon, the snow glitter sparkles.  Perhaps, I'll build a fire....It's not that cold, but doing so seems appropriate, and I'm sure Mac and MerryBelle will enjoy a long nap once the flames begin to heat up the hearth....

(In all honesty, I'm hoping for another day at home tomorrow!)

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A. Bear said...

I miss snow! It's cold here and the houses have no insulation, but it's not cold enough to snow. What a wonderful white day it sounds like. I'm very jealous.