Monday, June 27, 2011


This lily is taller than I.  I purchased the bulbs at Rink's, our local flea market several years ago, and each year, it gets taller and taller.  Close up, it smells a bit like a stargazer.

I bought this lily from "The Lily Lady" at The Farmer's Market in Boone years ago.  The last few times I've been to the market, she hasn't been around.  She always had good, healthy plants.

Also from The Lily Lady in Boone.  This plant produces huge, sturdy flowers.

Transplanted by Sam years ago, a row of these wild lilies comes up every year in the side gardens.  I think of him when they bloom and smile.

One of my favorites....also from Boone...The color here isn't as purely purple as in real bloom, but the contrast of the chartreuse with the gently striped petals sure is beautiful

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Teena Lurlene said...

These are beautiful Tanya, I too have a collection from the Lily Lady, and when I could no longer make it...Myra or Jude would select one for me...Nothing like a Boone Lily.

Betsy said...

Beautiful!!! I'm jealous Brett will get to see them in person but I'm glad you two will get to see each other soon! We think of you often.