Monday, June 27, 2011


Ever since Tom brought Chintu to The Farm, I've dreamed about meeting Chintu's parents, Bastian and Lehka, for in Chintu, I immediately sensed a person from the opposite side of the world who could very well have been born in the NC mountains and grown up with us there.  Here in the States for Chintu's doctoral hooding, they've been in Cleveland for a couple of weeks visiting Chintu and Tom.

This weekend, my dream came true.  Meet members of The Farm Family who just happen to live in India!  We've known them in the world of heart and spirit ever since we we've known Chintu....Having them spend time here was a wonderful, beautiful summer gift.

(Bastian, Chintu's father, Chintu, and his mom, Lehka)

(Bastian & Lehka have been married for 35 years and dated 6 years before marrying.  An amazing testament to the power of love and connection!)
(One day I'm going to visit The Indian Farm in Karola....get ready India!)

(Sister & Brother)

(A wonderful family...!!)
Bastian and Lehka's introduction here included a silly moustache party, bocci games on the side lawn, a walk to visit the Back Field Buddha, drumming and singing in the silo, and a trip to Bob Evans, where Eliza just happened to be our waitress.  
Our love for each other was as immediate as the love we felt the first time we met Chintu, and our laughter resounded all weekend.....What joy!
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AthensRomantic said...

Made me cry, Ethie! It was an amazing, amazing weekend! I love you!