Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's another -in weeks of many - gray, monochromatic day in the neighborhood, and I'm alone here at The Farm once again with the cats, Annie, and Claude, the beta fish on this Valentine's Day. Mostly because it's the height of winter yuk for me, I feel a bit alone today. I'd love to have Samuel and Eliza and all the other farm kids home with me to indulge in some tasty hot chocolate and an afternoon movie. Or, I'd love to be sitting on a bright, warm, sunny beach with my binoculars, watching dolphins in the distance as well as a few handsome old geezers as they stroll by in front of me....

There are moments when I think the whole Valentine's Day hype is just another opportunity for our commercialized, capitalistic society to make money on superficializing the concept of love. But then again, what better concept to promote, even if card companies and chocolate factories make millions and 98% of already overweight Americans pick up a few more "lbs?" If folks celebrate today with love in their heart, I can't complain.

I do believe in love.
In terms of a traditional relationship and marriage, at 57 years old, I still have a lot to learn. I can't say sustaining a relationship with a husband / significant other is one of my fortés although I haven't given up on the idea. I just think about it less and less as time goes by.
But I do know unconditional love in my life - my children, family and friends who accept the imperfect human being I am and who laugh at my "moments," critters who think there's no one better on the planet than I and who celebrate seeing me after I'm gone all day by wagging their tails off or jumping up on my lap. I sense total love in my home and on the land here at The Farm. The fields and woods have absorbed my laughter and my tears for 30 years now, and they inspire me to trust deeply in the cycles of life as we blossom and hibernate together.
Every ounce of love that surrounds me does not go unnoticed, whether it be tactilely exchanged or sensed from deep within. Love is the greatest blessing in my life, and gratitude for that love - the people, the critters, and all gifts from the Earth -bubbles like champagne in my heart today (and always).
Will you be my Valentine now and forever?? Namasté...

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Story Lori said...

Yes! I love you!