Sunday, February 28, 2010


I spent all day Friday and Saturday preparing for the February event for The Evergreen Arts & Humanities Series, and this morning when a friend called to see if I wanted to go to yoga, I politely declined....It's one of those days when I might not get out of my PJ's....I might not accomplish much of anything...And besides, I'm an introvert who needs to recharge by staying at home, removing myself from the world of activity, and hanging out in the silence (or good tunes on the stereo.....)

Today's possibilities:

Maybe I'll knit....Sounds good.

Maybe I'll straighten out the jungle of a mess in my room....Probably won't.

Maybe I'll play with the cats....Yep, that seems like a good idea.

Maybe I'll feed the birds...Only if I decide that putting on my boots is something I'm in to doing.

Maybe I'll read...Sounds good.

Maybe I'll grade papers...Eergh! But if I do, then I won't have to do them tomorrow.

Maybe I'll look at seed companies on the internet....Yeah, that sounds good.

Maybe I'll take a walk...Too much energy?? To be determined later.

Maybe I'll phone a few friends...I'll have to limit conversations to 10 minutes...Don't feel like being to extroverted today.

Maybe I'll make a pot of soup. Good one...we need some healthy chow around here.

Maybe I'll do laundry...Underwear's runnin' low...

Maybe I'll ....maybe I'll....maybe I'll.

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Very Mary said...

Who needs clean underwear anyway?