Friday, February 05, 2010


It's raining steadily, and the temperature is hovering right at freezing. The droplets clinging to the branches outside the window indicate a drop of a degree or two would solidify them into ice. Snow, a goodly amount of snow, should start falling at any moment, but the forecasters have been more wrong that accurate lately, so it's really unpredictable what's going to transpire here in the country.

The signs would point to a shift toward the worse - - a duo of squirrels have spent most of the day digging out chestnuts from under the trees and running them back to their nests, and the birds have almost emptied the feeders I filled this morning. Nonetheless, instead of a quieting winter blanket, the Earth at this point is taking a cold winter bath, and I sense She's shivering in her shoes.

Other than a brief trip to get thistle seed for the bird feeders in an effort to draw in some sparrows and finches, I've been nestled here at the farm all day. The orchids are delighted I've taken time to water them, and Loonis seems content to play "chase the feathers" every time I walk through the dining room. I think Annie's got the right's a great day for napping. She's yet to get up to do anything more than go out to relieve herself.

Eliza stopped by the farm for a minute on her way over to her dad's. It was good to catch up with her and hang for a moment. Samuel's getting ready for another DC snowstorm...20 - 28" predicted for the weekend. My poor mom's at home by herself in Boone as the snow's piling up all around.

It's winter. It's one of those days one has trouble remembering in the heat of the summer. It's one of those days when one searches the landscape for a tiny speck of color in the midst of the brown and gray. It's one of those days when curling up under a blanket and watching a movie defines one's level of energy, and it's one of those days when I'm very grateful I am alone here at The Farm with the critters and the silence.

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