Monday, February 15, 2010


When it's cold outside and yours truly has an opportunity to knit, good things happen. This winter I've learned to knit socks. They're easy to finish in not so long a time, they're practical, and they're fun! Here's a sample:

Striped large sock made in a really nice alpaca for Samuel. The second one's in progress at the moment.

Organic cotton ankle socks...great feel on the foot. In fact they're so soft, one doesn't feel them on the foot.

The first pair I ever knitted-organic cotton like the ones above. Note the gusset on the top one--I went in the wrong direction, and it has a "unique" look.

Handspun Vermont wool slipper socks that I've almost worn out since I made them. Definitely in need of a wash. One a bit small then the other, but still a perfect fit!
When the knitting needles are in my hands and there's nice music (or the Olympics) in the background, all's well with the soul!

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