Friday, December 11, 2009


The holidays are upon us, and I'm counting the days until The Farm family comes home to spend precious time together in celebration of another year of love and blessings. Each year as I reflect on the gratitude I feel to be alive and thriving, I am reminded of the joy and laughter we experience here at The Farm, as well as the passages of those whose lives have been so much a part of ours. Life's perplexities keep me a ponderin' from time to time, but many, many more moments of unadulterated joy and laughter resonate in my heart as I look back on 2009.

Samuel will be home for a much needed week of farm R&R in a couple of weeks...Eliza returns to The Farm from her dad's house in just a few days...Joe's here and keeps the fire roarin'...Lori's counting the days until she flies in from Maui...I'm nudging Bobbi and Isabella to come this way to celebrate the New Year...keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

Brett and Betsy will visit via Skype from Bulgaria (or from whatever exotic place they're choosing to visit for holiday break), and hopefully, we'll get some news from Dana, James and Wendy. Meera'll be in our hearts from the West Coast, and hopefully,we'll see Tom and Chintu, Norm, Diane and Andrew multiple times as the celebrations continue.

I'll default to my list making for an account of Farm happening for 2009....Here we go...


1. Joe's return to The Farm in July with his beloved bassett hound, Rufus Thomas.
2. Samuel's acceptance into the MFA program in Creative Writing at American University.

3. Eliza's selection as section leader of the Warren High School Marching Warriors Color Guard.

4. Petie's visit to The Farm in November and our subsequent trip to Indianapolis to see Eliza perform at the Grand Nationals band competition.

5. Seeing family at the huge Shook / Michael family reunion in July at the
MatneyCommunity Center.
6. Laida's visit with my family in Boone during Thanksgiving

7. Reconnection with many folks from my past and former students via Facebook..

8. Celebrating my mom's 91st birthday on December 10th.


1. The passages of PepĂ­n Carro (March), Grandma Ruth (June), Sally Johnson (September), Molly, the corgi and sweet, little Rufus (November)

2. The passage of Diane's Grandma Gracie, also in June.

3. Tumultuous, dysfunctional, vicious happenings at my workplace.


1. Good health, lots of laughter, and fun.

2. The barn's still standing.

3. The bounty of the land...early veggies in the garden this past spring, lots of glorious flowers during the absolutely beautiful fall...

4. The love of family and friends.

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