Tuesday, December 08, 2009


When we take to the fields here at The Farm, we grab whatever garment is near and available to keep us warm on our spur of the moment walks. Last Sunday's journey into the back pasture provides a clear picture of what the world of "haute couture" refers to as "FARM CHIC."

As she sets the trend in Farm Chic, the Farm Mom always follows Grandma Ruth's advice and wisdom - "Keep your head covered, your hands, neck and feet dry, and you won't get sick." Worthwhile advice to consider since in her 107 years on Earth, Grandma never had a cold.

Farm Wannabes should take note of Farm Mom's ensemble - seasoned clothes she slept in, accentuated with old farm jacket from days gone by, the double scarf look, woolen gloves, thick socks (white is always preferable), and handy garden shoes. Her accessories include The Farm's retro WalMart canvas beach bag and spunky hat (see close-up below), a loaner from José's MFA thesis show, "Cossett Canoodle."

Close-up: Cossett Canoodle hat with knotted scarves. (On colder winter days, Farm Mom would probably wrap her head in a wool scarf and top it off with one of her hand-knitted Farm Toboggans.)

José's head cover of choice is the bright orange ear-flapped flannel hat that's been sitting around at The Farm, waiting for someone with the right sized head to wear it. It's a flexible piece of headwear and can be sported backwards, as José models here. Joe's neck stays very warm as he wears Cato as his scarf.
Please feel free to call upon any current or former Farm resident for advice regarding staying warm, Farm fashion, or where to purchase Farm garments. Stay warm...Stay healthy...And have a good chuckle along the way!


I Am Very Mary said...

I am so down with farm chic.

G said...

I love your hat!

And I guess I should have taken better precautions when being outdoors.. I have mono! I've never felt so sick in my life!