Sunday, December 13, 2009


I posted a shot of the irises in bloom outside a while back, but when the cold weather blew through last week, I went out and clipped the remaining buds from the plants out by the garage. Sure enough, one of them opened up. Irises in the house in December doesn't make the spring seem so far away.

A friend, Whitney Huck, brought this orchid to me when Molly shed her earthly coil and headed toward the light. It's been gloriously in bloom since early November.

FINALLY, I have a brugmansia in bloom! I've spoiled this plant, given to me by Sherm Koons, for two years, and when I brought it in in the fall, I thought I saw the beginning of a bud. Sure enough, the gargantuan plant that fills a good portion of my bedroom has successfully produced this amazing bloom. The photos doesn't do it justice. I'd estimate it to be at least a foot long, and it has a sweet, intoxicating, exotic aroma that fills my room.

Posted by PicasaAnother view of the brugmansia...I tried to get better shots, but this plant is surrounded by all the others I have in my bedroom, and I just can't get situated for the perfect angle without rearranging 15 other plants. So for now, these record the images of the short-lived, but amazing blossom of this December flower.

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You are the best double virgo of ever.