Thursday, January 29, 2009


Branches covered with ice covered with snow creak and snap. Blue jays and cardinals stare at me through the window, reminding me food's hard to find and the feeders are empty. Those brave enough to venture out creep along the road, slowing down to a stop before inching down the hill at the end of the driveway.

Gratitude abounds for the return of electricity, especially since we've burned all the firewood and we're the only house on our road who got power restored, and even more importantly, since Eliza's cellphone was getting really low on juice.

Eveyone I know will be the recipient of the dishcloths I'm cranking out. I can knit for hours on these sort of days.

Here's a sample of farm dialogue on winter days:

(Yesterday's conversation between Farm Mom and Farm Daughter:
Eliza: "Mom, what WILL I do if I my phone goes dead? Can I sit out in my car and charge it?"
Mom: " Eliza, have you ever heard of carbon monoxide poisoning from sitting in a running car? What happens when one wants to go somewhere and the car battery is dead from charging a cellphone?"
Eliza: "Oh......")

Cancellation of classes yesterday and this morning means The Farm family (Eliza & Tanya, at this point) haven't taken a shower in three days.

Cabin fever for Eliza....No cabin fever for Tanya - just an element of disgust that she has to go into town to teach at Marietta College this afternoon.

(Today's conversation between Farm Mom and Farm Daughter:
Eliza: "Mom, can I go over to Chris's house?"
Mom: "No, not today, but you CAN take my car while I go into to teach to go get your nails done if you want to get out a bit today."
Eliza: "Well, if I can go to get my nails done, why can't I go to Chris's house?"
Mom: "Because the nail salon is in town where the roads are clear and Chris's house is 20 miles away from home where the roads are NOT clear. There's more snow predicted, you know."
Eliza: " You don't make sense. I can drive to get my nails done, but I can't go to Chris's."
Mom: "Yes, that's right. You have another option, you know. You can stay at home and not go anywhere if you keep pushing the point."
Dramatic exit by Farm Daughter follows....)

Plans for later on: A big pot of soup...cornbread....a good movie....and a fire, if I can scrounge up some wood from the barn.

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i am very mary said...

It is pretty, but I'm ready for the end of this round. I need some sunshine to peek through.