Friday, January 09, 2009


Drum roll, s'il vous plait.....L'Inspecteur Clouseau returns to the big screen on February 6th, and as one of the world's greatest Clouseau fans, I'm pretty stoked! It's been a LONG wait since Clouseau and his new sidekick, Gendarme Gilbert Ponton, solved the mystery of the disappearance of the Pink Panther diamond, much to the dismay of Chief Inspecteur Dreyfus.

For a sneak preview of the new movie, click
here. And, for the official Pink Panther 2 website, do the clicky thing here.

I'm sure I'll see the movie multiple times, and perhaps one of those times will be with YOU, beloved readers of Namasté! Be prepared to laugh!! En garde, mes amis!!

THE CAST: (Actor followed by role)

Steve Martin : Inspector Jacques Clouseau

John Cleese : Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus

Jean Reno: Gendarme Gilbert Ponton

Emily Mortimer : Nicole Nuveau

Andy García: Inspector Vicenzo Brancaleone

Alfred Molina : Chief Inspector Randall Pepperidge

Aishwarya Rai : Sonia

Yuki Matsuzaki : Kenji Mazuto

Jeremy Irons: Alonso Avellaneda

Johnny Halliday : Laurence Millikin

Lily Tomlin : Yvette Berenger

Molly Sims : Marguerite

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Story Lori said...

Oh, Tanya! With less zen a monsth left be-foure za premeer, I am only talking in French. Well, ze Amer-i-can hambourgere French, you kno.

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