Saturday, January 10, 2009


I took the plunge...And, I'll pat myself on the back for some savvy price comparison / sale shopping, finding no interest for 18 months on the purchase, and keeping the total just under what I had in mind! Eliza and I are celebrating the installation of a new 37" Samsung HDTV (see photo). Craig and Buddy, two young guys from the installation company who obviously had a little hangover going (but were very nice and competent), just completed placing the TV on the wall beside the fireplace in the big room. The folks from the cable company will be here next Saturday, and then, we'll be totally set to go. For now, Eliza and I will watch movies.

One of the requirements for the TV was that it fit underneath the quilt that has hung on the wall there for years because I'm having somewhat of a challenge with the idea that a TV has invaded my big room AND I really love my quilt in that spot. It works (!), and when the TV's not in use, it'll be out of sight. YEAH !!

Only one glitch...The DVD player I purchased along with the TV is officially "dead out of the box," so I'm off to Circuit City for a replacement. Normally, I wouldn't be so immediate in making the exchange, BUT I want to watch The Dude ( from The Big Lebowski) this afternoon to christen our new "toy."

Visualize The Farm Mom sitting on the couch in the big room, sipping her tea and knitting while the Antiques Road Show, The Daily Show, Jay Leno, or a movie plays in high definition on the wall ... There's a fire in the fireplace...kitties and dogs asleep all around... snow's blowing and the winter winds howl outside.

Norman Rockwell painting??? Christmas card photo??? Farm comfort at its best...!

Addendum 6 hours later: The "dead out of the box" DVD has been replaced with an upgraded "live out of the box" DVD player for the same cost as the first since I was adamant about NOT bringing home a replacement in a box that had been opened and obviously very shabbily taped back together.

As I write this, five of Eliza's friends are watching The Dude and munching on Farm Mom's famous popcorn. YEAH !!! I think we're good to go!


Brett said...

Judas! (We get 59 cable stations here, but only three are in English...)

Anonymous said...

glad to hear that the big room is being updated! hope all is well at the farm!!!