Monday, January 05, 2009


" T, so you mind if I close the door? I'm about this close to crying...I mean really, the tears are right about here," said Mary Ann to Tanya as she pointed to her eyeballs.

"Why can't I ever find a pen that works? All these pens are useless. You'd think we'd have some pens in this office..I have no pens! ...Oh wait, there's one!! I found one, one pen that'll write," said Tanya, who was about five minutes late to meet her first class of the quarter.

"So much for light, love, and laughter, baby. That's what I WAS all about this year!" Mary Ann announced as she denounced her less-than-week-old 2009 words of the year.

"Can you believe it? Five students walked into class 30 minutes late because they were waiting in the wrong the wrong building! Sheesh...Looks like it's gonna be a winning quarter," Tanya observed.


i am very mary said...

Yes, we are nerds. Sank you very much. It's day one. How are we supposed to get through 11 weeks of this?!

Kristy said...

How do they get lost on that campus? There aren't even that many buildings to choose from. Wow, ladies, good luck! BTW, thanks for posting about Very Mary's blog. I found some great vintage stuff on her Etsy site. I teach Spanish now at a high school. Thanks for your inspiration! I remember your classes and how much you motivated me.