Saturday, July 26, 2008


Eliza fortunately had her camera by her side as she, Bella, and her friend, Ashleigh, were on their way to a waterfall to swim not far from the house where we stayed in Vermont. According to her report, she was driving along, saw this huge "something" saunter across the road, and realized that she was close to having an encounter with a MOOSE! She got uber excited and failed to zoom in before she took the photo. Nonetheless, she captured proof of her sighting, and that's all it that matters. Yeah, Eliza!!

(I think this guy/gal's a juvenile, but regardless, it's a huge, stilty-legged moose!)


i am very mary said...

HA! That's the best! Hey Eliza? Maybe you could be a Moose Whisperer.

lori said...

No way! Chris' latest blog is about a moose encounter on a bike trail. Funny! I'm in Canada and haven't seen one! Aren't they suppsed to be from here? tehehe.