Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The holiday weekend found Eliza and me on the road to Boone for a visit with Mom, my Uncle John's memorial service, visits with friends and family, and a trip to Pigeon Roost to see Grandma Shook and my Uncle Bradley and Aunt Mabel. How great to re-connect with our Russell Road neighborhood family, the Harrills, have dinner with the Randalls, and have some hang out time around the house!! Laughter and good times abounded in Boone...yet another reminder of our family's many blessings!

Prior to going , I busted "arse" around the farm, trying to get things in shape for a week's absence. Thanks to my excellent housesitter, Alex, everything, excluding the grass and weeds (which had to have grown 6" in 5 days) around The Farm's in good shape. I have to keep in mind that the chore list has an additional 500 things to add now that summer's in full bloom, but so far, I'm pretty much at ease with this summer as an exception to the rule in terms of outside accomplishments. Give me another year, and I'll be at it full pace again.

The good news at The Farm is that Clousseau, the very sick white cat, is now at home after an extended stay at the vet's, and is quite OK...The car seems to be fixed and happy with all its new parts and battery...We've had enough rain to do me for a while, but at least, we're not in the throes of a drought like last year, and soggy soil makes for easier weeding.... I did find my debit card after whining about it in my last post. At the moment, things are calm and uneventful here....¡¡GRACIAS A DIOS!!

As always, some of my most meaningful moments while in Boone were spent with my grandmother, now 106 1/2. Grandma was alert with me. She knew me immediately, and she told me to "go to the kitchen and get a bite to eat." When I asked her if she was hungry, she told me no, but then told me she'd like a pancake, so we got her one that was left over from her breakfast. I slathered it up good with some blackberry jelly and fed it to her. She ate the whole thing and drank a glass of chocolate milk as well. (I think she associates me with food!!) When I told her she looked "purty," she looked at me with a smile and said, "Am I purtier than you?" Then I told her she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she replied, "That does make me purtier than you, don't it?" She looked at Eliza and told her, "You're an awful purty girl, too." When she looked at Mom, she said, "You're Steve, Zeb's Steve." Other than those little exchanges, she was pretty quiet, just asking over and over if we were going to stay with her.

I know she won't remember our being there, but it always makes my day when I hear her say she loves me...She still has that twinkle in her eye and warmth in her hand as it rests in mine.

Here are a couple of photos I took while away...Again, Blogger is being cantankerous with posting ones other than these, so I'll keep trying. For the moment enjoy...
a glorious red lily....

and a rhododendron blossom, just a day or so before opening.

In two days, Eliza, Joe Davis, and I take off to Vermont for a week with Bobbi and Isabella. I think I'll have computer access there, so I'll try to post a few photos from there.

Happy summer to all, wherever you are, and as always, thanks for checking in with Namasté!

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Love your Boone tales! Love you!