Thursday, July 10, 2008


Following in the footsteps of her beloved older brother (who brought home not only one, but a mama with four babies--a mama cat who happened to get pregnant AGAIN before I could get her spayed), and knowing that her beloved mother would not turn away an abandoned baby in need of food and water, Eliza, now known as The Most Recent Good Samaritan to Felines, rescued this adorable little bundle of fleas and poop last evening on her way home from spending the day with friends, John and Desiree.

To add insult to injury, Eliza's big sister and partner in crime, LoriBeth, who's in from Maui and won't be here to assist in kitten care, joined in the pitiful chorus of "Oh, we have to find him a home, a place like HERE! Can we please, please, please keep him??"
The firm response to their pleas is a resounding NO WAY!! Eight cats are already pushing the limit, and an additional one, no matter how cute, pitiful, adorable, loving, etc., is out of the question!!!!! (Note Lori's look of disbelief when I held firm to not letting the kitty become the next farm kitty.)

(I must concede, however, that the idea of taking this little fellow to the Humane Society is more than I can deal with, especially since our last experience there was not one that made me feel like the animals were not in good health and not well-cared for.)

DILEMMA!!! WHAT TO DO?? We're leaving on vacation to Vermont in two days, and we have to find a place for Finn (yes, he does have a name) by then.

Any volunteers?? I'll be glad to ship him free of charge to any pet loving individual or family in the continental US who will open his/her/their hearts to sweet, adorable FINN....I'll even throw in a worming from the vet.....

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i am very mary said...

Oh dear. If you throw in the worming, I can kitten sit until you get back. Mom can't have pets at her house and, oh dear. That face. Oh. No. I am melting with love.