Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Isabella Rose Tighe melts my heart. She was my best friend and buddy in Vermont, and we did some great hangin' out. She's an amazing child...an old soul in a beautiful, energetic, loving little 8-year old body.

I taught her to knit; she really learned fast and stayed with it the entire week. We did some great imaginary play in the pond, splashing about while she played the "surfer" on her raft. I was the rather slow but reliable "motor boat," pulling her along from my inner tube. We laughed and laughed as we watched "Cheaper by the Dozen 2," and only we were privy to the silly pictures we drew of the family in our sketchbooks (Bella's rendition of her mom was GREAT!).

At night,as we slept together, we snuggled in real close and told secrets and stories. Her little body next to mine took me back to nights with Samuel and Eliza in the bed with me, and her breath as she slept was gentle and peaceful like a baby's.

I'm in love with her.....such a bright, curious, wise, spirited, fearless, sensitive, loving child...

...my Isabella Rose

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Ginger said...

Tanya this picture is beautiful great job and you are correct she is beautiful