Monday, February 25, 2008


Here's a true confession that many already know about me....I really don't like this time of year. Day after day of gray skies, cold temps, and icy roads get old for me fast. I crave carbohydrates and silence, want to crawl in bed, sleep like Ichabod Crane, and hide out of sight of anyone who needs something of me. I have no desire to attend meetings or work on school related matters. I tire of "extroverting" quickly, and after a day of teaching, my greatest desire is to see no one, talk to no one, and hear no one.

It's during these winter months that I dream of having a small hut in Cuba. I can see a very happy me sitting on the beach day after day, taking my walks, swimming in the crystal blue-green water, and soaking in the sun. I'm holding out for that to become a reality. Hopefully Raúl won't last too long.

It's now that I start thinking about seeds and planting, about the blossoms I'll have around me in just a few months, about getting my hands in the dirt. I even get really excited when I think of getting to turn the compost! (I've already peeked on the south side of the house for any sign of an eager crocus...none so far..)

This summer, I think my garden will be small but packed with tomato, squash, cukes, and lots of datura and dahlias. I'll have a variety of sunflowers around the house, some zinnias, and basil for pesto. My gladiolas will produce delicate pink and white blossoms, and hopefully, the annuals I planted in the side shade garden will return in full glory.

With some good luck and a little pampering, my faithful tractor won't fail me as I zip around the farm, cutting the grass and attacking weeds. I'll rake the cuttings and toss them on the compost pile.

And ultimately, the really high thought in all of this is that I won't have to teach! Graduation takes place in June, and then it's playtime for a couple of months! YEAH! I can't wait!

Peace to all....Think spring!

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