Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Like other parts of the nation in the last 24 hours, wind gusts in our area have been pretty intense, and the barn here at The Farm is taking a valiant "stand" at staying standing. The back side has lost a lot of side boards, and my makeshift "flying buttresses" (= stakes in the ground supporting the doors that blow out from the sides of the front of the barn) have held so far. We're beginning the second night of high winds and really stout gusts....In short, this sort of weather is NOT what the barn (or my nerves) needs.

Crazy energy abounds from a lot of directions.....My high thoughts (in attempts to balance my fear of a huge collapsed structure on my hands) are that perhaps the winds are this strong to tranquilize the winter funk and illness around us and blow them away!! I'm not sure the barn would concur at this point, however!

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I AM VERY MARY said...

I send stable thoughts to the barn. Stability. Stability. Stability.