Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Although it's snowing to beat the band at the moment, I understand the skies should clear later in the afternoon to make way for a spectacular full lunar eclipse tonight. Imagine the power of the event--- full moon lighting up the snow-covered earth darkened by the passage of the earth, only to emerge again a couple of hours later to bring back the light. I'm sure it will be an energetically-packed time. I can't wait!!

For more info, see:

I believe the next full eclipse is not until winter solstice in 2010. Here's hoping tonight's celestial spectacle removes the funk and illness that seem to prevail at the moment.


I AM VERY MARY said...

Wasn't it AMAZING! I sat outside bundled up in wooly clothes and watched until the end. Sigh. I feel so suddenly small.

Alex Br&n said...

My friends and I cuddled in our blankets and coats and warm clothes to watch this beautiful spectacle of nature. I loved every minute of it!! Well, I didn't love having "Total Eclipse of the Heart" stuck in my head, but that doesn't matter :D