Monday, February 04, 2008


Since I'm surrounded by creative people who always come up with really neat treasures for very little money at places like Salvation Army and Goodwill, the urge to jump in and try my luck has overtaken me. Once the first really good deal came my way, I was hooked, and now I wait for office hours to pass by so I can make my daily trip to the thrift shops.

Here are a few things I've picked up in the last week:

Swanky Swig Juice Glasses - 1950's

I understand these little glasses are now referred as "swanky swig" juice glasses. Mary Ann collects these, and after my find today, I think I'm now an official collector as well. I got 7 of them in different designs for $7.50 at a local antiques store. I remember drinking orange juice from similar glasses when I was small at my Aunt Lora and Uncle Link's home when my family would go to visit for the weekend.

A Pressed Glass Plate - 1930's

This sweet little plate cost 50 cents and is clear glass. (It looks a little like amber glass because of the wood table underneath in the photo.) When I hold this up to the light, the designs in the glass refract the light in a beautiful way. It reminds me of glass plates I used to admire in my Great Aunt Kat's house in Statesville, NC.

Franciscan Trio Pattern Plate - 1950's

I stumbled upon two of these in Goodwill and got them for 10 cents a piece. I've found them on the internet for prices ranging from $14 - $18 each. The neat thing about this pattern (which isn't visible in this photo) is that the woman who designed the pattern hid her name in one of the clustered flowers on each pattern piece. Her name was Esta James, and inside the little flower coming out of the green leaves at the top of the plate, I found her signature. Apparently, she pulled one over on the company since designers for the Franciscan Pottery company forfeited their right to sign their work and claim it as theirs. I'm inclined to look for more of this pattern...I really like it a lot.

And finally...

Homer Laughlin Buttercup Pattern - 1950/1960

I got 6 of these little buttercup dessert plates for 10 cents each. They're really pretty and dainty. Only one has a chip! I found the pattern on line, and the prices quoted for one of these was $4 - $6.

I'm hooked.....I want to collect and collect and collect....Then I'll open up an Etsy or E-bay shop and see if I can let go of my finds...My only problem is I get attached, and I'm sure sending them to another home will be a challenge!

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