Saturday, October 07, 2006


Last week, when Molly, the corgi, got her head stuck in between the posts on the back porch, I felt some relief in that I hadn't been the one to get caught in one of my "moments" around the farm in a while. Today, however, I must confess to re-upping my membership in The Dumb Club in a big way.

Last week, I eulogized Luther, our farm beta fish, at what I thought was his passage. I have to confess that I didn't take the time to get him buried and just left him lying at the bottom of his bowl. My intent was to get him under ground today.

Wellllllll, as it turns, out Luther's NOT dead...When I walked by his bowl today on my way to get the shovel to take him out to bury him, he swam to the front of his bowl and started flapping his gills at me--the way he always does when I tell him good morning and drop him some food. I damn near jumped out of my jeans! I can't say that Luther looks in top form after a week of no food and cold water. In fact, he does appear to be on his last "fin" (so to speak)...He was swimming somewhat sideways, but he was definitely alive enough to beg and let me know he's still "kickin." Poor fellow...he must have been starved!

I'm feeling somewhat awful for assuming Luther had kicked the bucket. (I did poke him with a chopstick when I thought he was a "goner," and he didn't move then.) If he were something other than a fish, I'd fix him a really tasty supper and a nice, warm place to rest and recuperate.
Perhaps, I'll just put a towel over his bowl and hope that keeps him warm enough to regain his strength....

Namaste, Luther!

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MaryAnn said...

Good god Luther - we're so sorry for sending our wishes for you to swim safely to fishy heaven! Welcome back my man!