Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I love flowers. Well, duh, you might say...Who doesn't like flowers? 
I can't name anyone at the moment, but I do believe there are people who could be happy without peering into a blossom on a daily basis.
I can't...Bottom line....I thrive in the presence of their color and sweet scents.. No matter the season, there's something in bloom at The Farm.

I've often thought about what my life would be like if I couldn't experience the color and symmetry of flowers.  How would one go about describing the pink of this morning glory to someone who was blind? 
Sadly, I don't think it's possible..
Zinnias in a plastic bucket radiate and look elegant anywhere. What a wide array of colors!
I love to put sweet pea blossoms on things I bake for decoraton.  I also like to put them in my hair, and I also
like to eat them.

This hydrangea bush is the last reminder of the Townsend's homeplacejust down the road from my grandmother's house in Pigeon Roost.  For more than my 59 years, it's stood there alongside the rail fence. Only its blossoms now hold the memories and stories of those who once lived there in the curve.  What grace!

As I've said many time, dahlias connect anyone who's a Shook to Grandma Ruth. Every summer, I plant a few bulbs in her honor and watch as the buds prepare to open up into regal blossoms.  Grandma always interspersed gladiolas into her dahlia rows.  The beds where she grew her dahlias out the driveway are still clearly discernible....One of these days, I'll sneak down in the early summer and dig in a few of my bulbs in her honor.

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