Friday, August 05, 2011


Many folks consider datura to be a pain in the rear end, but I can't imagine not growing this magnificent plant evey year.  I've had purples, yellows, and wild ones on the farm since I can remember.  I love their beauty and  power, as well as the fact that their life cycle is completed within 24 hours. It's a quick life these blossoms live.
These were in bloom this morning.  It's now afternoon, and they've begun to wither.  Tomorrow morning these blossoms will droop toward the ground, and in another day, they'll fall off the plant, as others begin their short-lived existence, following the same cycle. 

Elegant....graceful....strong...powerful...a perennial one can count on from year to year since one very prickly seed pod can (and will) produce hundreds of starts.  (That's where the pain in the rear comes in...!)

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