Thursday, August 25, 2011


We're now a two-corgi family once again here at The Farm. Yesterday I picked up a sweet 18-month old female from Tri-State Corgi Rescue in Fairmont, WV.  At her foster home, MerryBelle Wilder was known as Penny Lane, a name that suited her quite well; however, in honor of my mom, Mary MacIntosh Stevenson Shook, aka, MaryMac in some circles, we'll now have a Merry and a Mac(kers) at The Farm. Mom's pleased that she has two namesakes, even though they're canine ones.

MerryBelle has weathered the transition well in the short time she's been here.  Not only is she in unknown territory with unknown people, but she arrived on a night of intense thunder and lightning. And then, there's a rather annoying new brother who hovers over her and barks / chases her like he did with Paco.  (Quite obviously, he's establishing himself as alpha and doing things like making sure MerryBelle doesn't play with his sticks and favorite toys.  He need not worry at all, for she doesn't seem to understand play, bless her heart!)

There's a lot to teach sweet MerryBelle - how to trust, how to receive lots of love, how to let go of her fears, how to play.  I've seen glimpses of some playfulness when she inspects the cats, but she's obviously been treated meanly by some very not nice humans, and she seems pretty reticent to jump right in immediately.  Shitly, the old tom cat who adopted us (formerly Shyly until he started beating up on everyone around here), looks as if he'll become her friend, like Cato is to Mac and Bud was to Paco.

I'll start both Mac and her on Rescue Remedy, and we'll take long walks and spend a lot of time together.  I signed the three of us up for obedience training beginning September 6th, and next week, she and Mac will have my working days to get to know each other in the dog lot under the barn. 

(I would be remiss if I didn't mention the wonderful foster people who cared for MerryBelle.  Debbie and Vernon Nosse of Tri-State Corgi Rescue take in and care for corgis and border collies who need to be fostered and given attention.  Debbie is an expert in rescue, obedience and agility training. Brightly colored ribbons, mostly blue, hang all around in her house.  I've learned a lot about the rescue process from Debbie, and I salute her and her husband for the attention she pays to every little detail about her foster animals and the adoption process. As we left yesterday, Debbie still had five corgis and a border collie in her care, along with her own five dogs.  She's a very, very special person!)

Happily, Miss MerryBelle's headed for new adventures, that's for sure.  My hope is for her to live a long, happy life with us here at The Farm or wherever we are.

Stay tuned.....

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