Friday, July 23, 2010


There's a new guy on The Farm, and he's so cute one can't help but kiss his sweet snout and long, soft ears. Paco, brother of our beloved Rufus, arrived in OH two weeks ago after a long trip from his native Utah. Joe and his friend, Frank, made a whirlwind trip across country to pick him up and bring him back to live here in canine paradise. He's captured our hearts and filled a huge void left by the passing of Annie, Molly, and Ruf last year.

Paco's a pretty mellow fellow, but with each day, Joe and I witness his growing sense of confidence and exploration as he ventures around the yard and field. He's made the field walk twice now, without whimpering or asking to be carried. That's a lot for a little guy whose legs are probably only 4" long, whose butt catches up with his head when he runs, and who trips on his ears and wipes out at any given moment.

Guided by his nose, Paco's already discovered the joy of finding a morsel of cat food. And, he's also discovered that felines can be a bit grumpy with a little guy who wants to play all the time. As with Rufus, Clousseau's pretty tolerant. Bud thinks Paco's OK, and Hendrix really doesn't seem to concerned about a puppy's presence. Cato and Spirit whap him without a second thought. (I really think three white cats confuse Paco as to who will play and who won't.) The orange cats can take him or leave him, and Loonis....well, we all know her attitude about anything that invades her space... Paco's just another item in the long list of things that make her barf.

Content to play with an old sock, a leafy branch, or his Boodha Banana toy, Paco loves life. Just as a child, each day brings new milestones - climbing the steps to the porch, rolling down the hill in the side yard, barking for the first time. And boy, oh boy, does he have sharp little teeth and a baby's bladder - Paco, the puddler!

He's fun...he's funny....he's a connection with an innocence and joy about which we humans frequently need a reminder. I'm grateful for him every day for that reminder!

Welcome, to The Farm, Paco!


E.V. Riordan said...

He's simply ADORABLE! I'm so happy you have a new puppy to love.

comler said...

You describe the joys of a new pet to a "T". He's a cutie! Enjoy! - Ken

Rocketed Awake said...

More Paco Please!!!